Sunday, June 28, 2009

Tourism Malaysia Discover Baling 4x4 Challenge 2009

The first ever 4x4 competition been organized in conjuction of promoting Baling, Kedah Darul Aman as a part of the tourism destination. Was held on 26th to 28th June and attracted most of the local 4x4 teams and a few from southern Thai.

The dusty Prologue session was the first testing ground for the participants. Night SS have seen some participants offroad driving skills on the speed running. On the next day, another 8 Special Stages ready for them to turn on their machine with the utilization of the cubic capicity with no limits..!

In the final day, the River Blaster SS, hit the run until the closing ceremony announced that 'The BlackWind Team" from Kuala Lumpur is the overall winner and will have a chance to take part in the coming Rainforest International Offroad Challenge 2009 in Johor.

Congratulation to the winners.

click here for photo :

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What's the 'Weekend Warrior' all about..!

Something that we need to share about the term.

Weekend Warrior may refers to people who do recreational activities such as golfing, mount climbing or mountain biking or an individual that uses their vehicle (mainly 4WD/SUV/Truck) predominately for offroad recreational purposes solely on the weekends since they work Monday through Friday.

So, if you found your living way in doing any of the above (or whatever hobbies you do) we called you Weekend Warrior. And of course , since you're in the offroaders fraternity any where in the world, so, we called you Weekend Offroad Warrior.!

Have fun..!! 73 and 88